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Welcome to NBN Radio

Yes, NBN Radio is on hiatus. Thank you for being here. Contact me with any questions please.

New Business Networking Radio with Dave Delaney.

Welcome to NBN Radio, the New Business Networking podcast. This weekly program is dedicated to helping you make the most of your professional networking efforts. Whether you’re a business owner, employee, between jobs, or a student who wants to jumpstart your career, there is something for everyone here.

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I’m Dave Delaney, I’m a veteran podcaster and author. Every Wednesday, I feature tips, techniques, and tools to help you grow and nurture your professional network. New Business Networking Radio feature interviews with community leaders, authors, and technologists who have developed solutions to make networking better. Thanks for being here.

Surprises and perks in-store

NBN Radio is as much about my guests as it is about my listeners. I want to include your stories of networking. I encourage you to share your comments and questions on each episode’s corresponding blog post, in the NBN Club, or as an audio comment.

You can reach me directly at dave at nbnradio dot com or on Twitter @davedelaney. I have some surprises and perks in-store for NBN Radio listeners. Never miss a show (or blog post) by subscribing here, in iTunesStitcher or by RSS. If you enjoy the show and want to support it, please share this page by clicking your favorite social sharing buttons below. I’m thankful you’re joining me on this journey. You rock!


Click the episode number to find the notes and to hear the episode.

NBN53 Tell Yourself You’re Already The Thing You Want To Be with Marcus Whitney
NBN52 Everybody Has a Deep Yearning To Be Connected with Jayson Gaignard
NBN51 Constantly Try to Help People with Clay Hebert
NBN50 Everyone Likes to Be Asked with Dorie Clark
NBN49 You Have To Decide What You Want To Be Known For with Guy Kawasaki
NBN48 Everything Old is New Again with Chris Pirillo
NBN47 We Only Have One Go At It with Steve Sisler
NBN46 Zig While Everyone Else is Zagging with Jim Hopkinson
NBN45 Be Givers to Build Trust and Relationships with Shane Snow
NBN44 Get Out in that Hallway and Meet People with Tim Knox
NBN43 Give Value Before You Ask For It with Jason Keath
NBN42 Space and Education are Key with Matt Dudley
NBN41 Age is a Gift with Ronni Bennett
NBN40 Be Consistent and Have a Genuine Interest in People with Jason Elkins
NBN39 Find the Hole and Run to Fill It with Mark Blevis
NBN38 Top 5 Episodes of NBN Radio (so far)
NBN37 Admitting Your Self-Doubt Can Help Others with C.C. Chapman
NBN36 The More You Help People, the More People Want to Help You with Ian Cleary
NBN35 Your Community Wants You to Succeed with Deb Evans
NBN34 Part 2 Taking a 30 Day Social Media Sabbatical with Jason SurfrApp
NBN33 Part 1 You Don’t Get What You Don’t Ask For with Jason SurfrApp
NBN32 Talk About The Content Not The Channel with John Wall
NBN31 There is Opportunity in Voids with John Lee Dumas
NBN30 Take it to The Meet Space with Brad Farris
NBN29 Go Through the Business Card Stack with Alex Moore
NBN28 How Can I Help You? with Zvi Band
NBN27 We Always Come Out Stronger with Susan Murphy
NBN26 There is a Social Currency Established in Life with Scott Oldford
NBN25 Stuttering is Cool with Daniele Rossi
NBN24 Be Your Authentic Self with Rand Fishkin
NBN23 If You Don’t Ask, You Can’t Help with Thom Singer
NBN22 We Are Building Real Relationships with Gini Dietrich
NBN21 The More Visible You Are, the More Opportunities You Get with Kerry O’Shea Gorgone
NBN20 Combine Who You Know With a Willing Spirit with Pinky Gonzales
NBN19 There Are No Absolutes in Body Language with Scott Rouse
NBN18 Fear Hates Community with Jared Easley
NBN17 Having an Audience is a Privilege, Not a Right with Peter Shankman
NBN16 Trigger On-Going Reciprocity with Derek Coburn
NBN15 The Love of Comfort is the Enemy of Greatness with Todd Henry
NBN14 Have Several Irons in the Fire with Erik Deckers
NBN13 We’ve Got To Start Somewhere with Erik Fisher
NBN12 Set Yourself Up For Success with John Michael Morgan
NBN11 You Don’t Ask, You Don’t Get with Karen Schulman Dupuis
NBN10 Marketing is Ruining Social Media with John Jantsch
NBN9 Integrity Means I’m Exactly Who I Say I Am with Chris Brogan
NBN8 Connection Before Commerce with Scott Stratten
NBN7 Look For the Good In Everything with David Hooper
NBN6 The Next Killer App in Marketing is to be More Human with Mark Schaefer
NBN5 Not Everything is Going to Come Your Way, You Have to Go Seek it with Bhavin Shah
NBN4 Make it Unique and Special with Beth Inglish
NBN3 Be Completely Memorable with Saul Colt
NBN2 Our Society Wants Connection with Jeff Dolan
NBN1 Surrender to Serendipity with Hugh Forrest

Wait, what’s a podcast? How do I listen?

  • Excited for you Dave. Can’t wait to hear it!

  • Dave, Looking forward to the podcast!

  • Steve Woodruff

    Awesome! Soon you’ll be the Grand Ole Opry of podcasting! ;>}

  • Guest

    Excited for you!!

  • Looking forward to it!

    • Thanks a million, Erik. Like @thejeffbrown:disqus, you are definitely one of my inspirations for this show. I can’t wait to share it with you.

  • Nancy VanReece

    Will it be on Sticher?

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  • Jared Easley

    Very cool

  • Loved the interview with Jeff. I’m inspired to think maybe i could podcast?! You guys made it sound so easy…pick a group and share information! I also love your point about how creatives are so self sufficient. We need to meet up and share information…we are all leaders!

    • Thanks. You should! I’ll be writing more about starting a podcast here soon.
      I have another interview with a Nashville creative leader in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for that one.

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  • Chris Blanz

    You’re coming in loud and clear!

    • Thanks buddy. I’m glad you’re enjoying it. You are enjoying it, right? 🙂

      • Chris Blanz

        Of course!

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  • Aleks

    Dear Dave, Found your podcast today. While i was preparing my apartment for the renovation i listened to half of the episodes you have there. I didn’t know should i email you or write you here. I assume you see that my message is long but i assure you that reading it is worth it and you might get some very good ideas for your podcast. I didn’t find your email and also I thought that it might be interesting for people to read this as-well. I am coming from Estonia. For thous who don’t know, its a small country in Europe that is close to Finland, Sweden, Russia. What i have noticed is that podcasting thing is very active in US and a lot of what you are telling on your show are actually tactics and strategies that are being used in US. I was actually laughing my ass off when your friend made a comment like: If you don’t have Twitter you are not human. I do live in a country with human but for i guess for your big surprise people here almost don’t use twitter they even barley use facebook and linked in (Only younger generation do). When I listen to your shows where you suggest us going out and connecting with the people you want to reach trough these resources I do agree that its a great tool but Its a tool that i cant use. What are the alternatives? You have been speaking about the conferences. There are almost NONE. Plus there are other different barriers. For example we are just 1.3 Million people population country. So the problems i am facing are that i am very much limited not only in terms of reach but also in finding the right people. I want to follow your advice on contacting the person you want to learn from. So right now i am working for a company that is in fashion and modeling industry. For example, if i want to know more about finance/banking sector i want to ” bring coffee ” for a person who is in that sector. How the hell can i locate him if I cant even imagine where I can find him? Also for example a place where i can network are events. But i barley get invited there. How can i change that? The mentality here is different people are not so open, so how can i break the ice? Especially if i call in a bank and ask who is in charge of investing department they will say “I am sorry but who are you?”! Offer them something that might have value for them, yes but when i cant even gather enough information on them its pretty hard to do it. I have a feeling i need to get back to the old school, but i am new school and i don’t have an idea of the old school way so what should i do. There are also other things i would like to bring and discuss with you, maybe you will invite me to your podcast to not speak but actually ask you questions. I hope to hear from you soon, Aleks

    • Thanks for the comment Aleks. You have some thoughtful questions and comments here.

      I don’t want to come across trying to sell my book. However, much of what you have asked is in it. Have you read it?

      I would love to have you on the show, but I am fully booked until the fall. Email me and we can discuss this further dave at nbnradio dot com. In the mean time, you can record an audio comment with a question at I hope this helps.

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  • Dave, Just discovered NBN Radio. Serious resource! Listened to two podcasts this evening: Marcus Whitney and Guy Kawasaki. Made my day. Thanks!

    • Thanks, Steve. I need to get some new episodes up soon. I’m on a break for a while. Stay tuned. 🙂

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