Use Twitter to connect after an event by following the hashtag

Use Twitter to Connect After an Event

share small Use Twitter to Connect After an Event

One of the first things that I do when I return from speaking at a conference is follow fellow attendees and speakers on Twitter. If conference goers used a Twitter hashtag, then you can easily select and follow participants using FollowBlast.

  • Sign in to FollowBlast using your Twitter account.
  • Search for a Twitter hashtag used at the event.
  • Scroll through and select those you wish to follow or follow all.

FollowBlast is not ideal for a massive conference or festival like SXSW, but it’s great for anything smaller.

Screen Shot 2012 05 28 at 8.40.18 PM Use Twitter to Connect After an Event

My hat goes off to Noah Coffey and Chuck Gose for creating FollowBlast. Thanks guys.

What is your favorite Twitter tool?

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