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Students Need BlogsI stress that students need blogs when I speak at universities and colleges. It’s crazy not to blog if you are a student.

As a student, you are being fed information around areas that you are interested in for your careers. Blog it! Share it with the world. When you write a paper (after it has been graded), you should consider breaking it into multiple blog posts. Share what you have learned.

I recently wrote about how I created a blog to learn about Nashville’s technology and marketing communities before I moved to the city. I considered it a fun research project.

I keep reading how it is harder than ever for graduate students to find jobs. This is a great reason why now is the time to establish yourself, not after you have graduated.

Start a blog. Write about what you learn. Recap interesting notes from classes. Interview fellow students, faculty and professionals. Include your contact information and resume too, so it is available.

What other ways can students market themselves early and build their networks?

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  • Dave –
    This is a brilliant idea! Blogs are becoming a key form of social media. Students can build their future by blogging about what they learn, what they are doing in their clubs, advertizing or organizing events on campus/community, & more. Doing all of these on a student’s own blog rather than simply on Facebook & Twitter helps the student develop her own calling card. A student’s blog would demonstrate to potential employers that the student is organized, has good business sense to use social media effectively, and is willing to do things differently.

    Dave – I hope you go to those Nashville univeristies/colleges & let the students know how to make their blog their primary social media platform, & have FB & Twitter supplement their blog. This is the next best thing & is more original than FB.


    • You are absolutely right Monique. The same applies to businesses. This is why I suggest that clients start blogs. It’s better to use your blog as your home base and promote the content from social. Always try to drive the traffic back to your blog.

      Sonia Simone wrote a great post about this on Copyblogger recently. It’s worth checking out:

      Thanks for the comment.