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NBN19 There Are No Absolutes in Body Language with Scott Rouse

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Scott RouseScott Rouse is a body language expert and analyst who trains military, police, CEOs, and business management. He is co-author of The IdeaFrame Book, and he contributes frequently to in a series entitled Body Language Frankenstein. Scott recently presented “How to Kill Your Body Language Frankenstein” at TEDx Nashville.

Talking about understanding body language when networking.

NBN19 Show Notes

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87% of what people think they know about body language is incorrect.

Is crossing arms a sign that the person is not listening to you or that they are cold?

Check out Gregory Hartley.

Scott Rouse NBN RadioDon’t build a Frankenstein’s Monster by trying to figure out what a person’s body language is saying.

There are no absolutes in body language.

You can tell someone is interested in what you are saying by noticing where their feet are directed when you’re speaking.

Scott dresses like his clients, so he blends in well. He is introduced in meetings and provides signals to his clients to ask questions.

Scott’s Dad was a doctor in Louisa, Kentucky, where he grew up. His Dad introduced him to the idea of reading body language in his patients.

If you pay attention to what’s going on around you, you’ll see the predator.

How to make yourself approachable at networking events and conferences.

When you shake a hand, stand slightly to your left.

We discuss handshakes and hugs.

Scott was nominated for a Grammy. He used body language when he met with record label executives.

Scott has worked with Jumpstart Foundry and is an Entrepreneur in Residence at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center.

Michael Burcham

How to rehearse your own body language to appear more confident.

App Recommendations: Things.

Book Recommendation: Talk Like TED: The 9 Public-Speaking Secrets of the World’s Top Minds by Carmine Gallo.

Contact Scott at scott at or on Twitter @ideabangllc.

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  • lucrecer

    This was absolutely fascinating! I’m going to have to listen again.

  • Top 3 things that made this episode great for me:

    1. Excellent topic that everyone can take away some bit of information that will help them in some (if not many) aspect of their personal or business life, regardless of your profession.

    2. I got a shout out from Dave at the end of the episode for leaving a review of the podcast on iTunes.

    3. The ridiculously awesome easter egg at the end of the episode after the outtro music with a reference to one of my absolute favorites (don’t want to give it away – go listen for yourself). Now I have to go back and listen to the other 18 episodes to see if I missed any others.

    As always Dave, well done and keep up the good work.

    • Thanks. I’m a big fan of Easter eggs. Sign up for my newsletter and there may be something waiting for you there too. 😉

    • lucrecer

      Agreed about the easter egg. That was rather funny.