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New Business Networking


What is New Business Networking?

Business success is all about connections, relationships, and networks. New Business Networking shows you how to combine proven offline business networking techniques with the newest social media—and make them both far more effective.

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Why New Business Networking?

Everyone should build their network before they need it. New Business Networking includes everything you need to know to get started today, or to revitalize and strengthen your existing network. New Business Networking features chapters about: researching people and companies; cold calling and coffee; setting up personal landing pages online; using LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus to optimize professional networking efforts; organizing and attending events; improving your listening and memory skills; business card design and etiquette tips; and contact relationship management recommendations.  

New Business Networking Reviews

“I love that there are anecdotal stories but also lots of actionable advice and ideas.” – Chris Brogan

“Love that he included cold calling, because one call can change your whole life for the better and make dreams happen.” – Seth A. Holdren

“I highly recommend this book for those of you who sincerely want to grow your business network!” – Nashvillesmart

“Dave Delaney just gets it. With so many digital resources at your disposal, it’s difficult to know what to use and how to use it.” – Michael B Renner

“Very informative and entertaining. A great read for all new age networkers. Recommended for all those looking to increase exposure within any business sector.” – Mike D.

“When I think of Networking, I think Dave Delaney. Why? He knows it and lives it.” – Erik Fisher

“This book helps you understand the many facets of social media for business networking as well as giving advice for job seekers. Easy to read, outline is simple and effective.” – SunshineRG

“I’ve read a number of books on this topic and Dave Delaney, by far, has the greatest depth of knowledge and practical uses of all of the major players in social media.” – Mark McGlinch

“A++ book for anyone who is looking to get better at networking and building relationships with people, companies and other organizations.” – Brianna Reed 

“Insanely resourceful tool for building a network in today’s world!” – Jayme Hoffman

“Dave’s book is a must read for anyone searching for a job or marketing their employer’s products and services.” – Robert Duthie

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Where to Buy the Book

New Business Networking is available from fine book sellers everywhere. You can purchase the book in hard copy or ebook version from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Que Publishing. Bulk copies are available from 800-CEO-READ.

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