Welcome to the NBN Club

Welcome to the NBN Club

NBN Club
The NBN Club is a private destination originally created exclusively for readers of my book, New Business Networking, and listeners of my podcast, NBN Radio. Didn’t read my book? Haven’t heard the show? No worries, we would still love to have you as a member. We’re opening up NBN Club to the world!

What can I expect?

There are so many reasons why being a member of the NBN Club is valuable. Here are some highlights.

  • Blog Review MondayNetwork with over 90 members (this number continues to grow).
  • Share weekly goals with the group and be held accountable.
  • Provide ideas and get honest feedback.
  • Rest assured on connecting with a discreet and professional mastermind group of smart people.
  • Receive video tip tutorials from me exclusive only to club members.
  • Join private Google Hangouts for real-time video conferencing.
  • Submit your blog for our Blog Review Monday series. Each week a member blog is randomly selected for review from the group.
  • Members refer each other for business opportunities, and they promote each other’s work such as blog posts, tweets, podcasts, books, and social updates.

Where is the NBN Club?

The club is hosted on Facebook as a private group, because most people are active on Facebook. I dabbled with LinkedIn and a forum, but the quality and frequency of engagement has proven far better on Facebook.

How do I join?

The NBN Club membership is just $10.25 a month (that’s less than a few fancy coffees).

The price is intentionally kept low, so anyone can join. We may be private, but we are not exclusive.

  • Can you provide value from your experience and insight?
  • Do you have a question you need answered honestly and discreetly?
  • Do you want to broaden your knowledge and learn from peers?
  • Are you interested in growing your network with smart, talented, giving people?


Join the NBN Club