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Did you follow the link from my article in the Tennessean? Thanks for dropping by.

Here is a look at the TribeGaga gagaSTICK business cards. The package was sent to me in a cool, red metallic box. Inside contained some stickers, a bracelet, a key chain, some sample packs of the gum, and a smaller metal carrying box filled with my cards. Each card comes wrapped with a single piece of chewing gum and a magnetic card. The card contains my contact information on one side and book information on the other. I love the idea and execution. I should add that TribeGaga was cool enough to sponsor my Geek Breakfast during NMX recently.

You will also find a couple of photos below of Jay Baer’s clever bottle opener business card.

I have an entire chapter of my book, New Business Networking, dedicated to business cards. I write about everything from etiquette to creativity. Pick up a copy on sale today from Amazon. CLICK HERE.

IMG_6337 IMG_6339 IMG_6340 IMG_6341
Jay Baer Bottle Opener Business Card. Photo by Dino DoganJay Baer Bottle Opener Business Card














Jay Baer card photo by Dino Dogan, rear photo by Scott Ellis.




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